who we are

Meet the Best Local
Contractor in Sarasota FL
and Beyond

“Hi! I’m Giuseppe Noto and it’s a privilege to be the best local contractor from Sarasota to Port Charlotte.

I don’t throw that statement out there, but I believe it, and I might as well say it. I’ve been building things since I was a kid and that’s turned into a life-long passion of delivering where others can’t, won’t, or just don’t know how.”

Room being redecorated as person paints the wall with a roller

“I take great pride in carrying the torch of a cultural tradition that demands beauty and inspiration be used in every home remodel or commercial remodel project. We don’t just nail 2x4s together. And I don’t think that’s what anyone in this area wants anyway. You deserve to be inspired.

You deserve to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to earn and if we’re being honest, you also deserve to get amazing feedback from your guests who come to visit. BuildSRQ is the first, last, and only contractor near me whose name you need to know. Life’s moments are precious and fleeting. Make the most of them.”

Your Friend,

– Giuseppe