Top 10 Commercial Construction
Project Trends in Sarasota & Beyond

The last few years were undeniably challenging years for the construction industry – you know the story: delays, labor shortage issues, and promises made by commercial remodeling contractors that went unfulfilled, protracting the completion of any commercial construction project.

Despite the hurdles posed by the pandemic-driven supply chain disruptions, the market is showing signs of recovery and renewed vigor into 2024. 

The silver lining is this: urban spaces are changing to accommodate the future of commerce. Innovation and the adoption of smarter technologies and trends promise to revolutionize the construction landscape.
BuildSRQ is on the frontlines as Sarasota’s top commercial construction company – delivering commercial construction services that are cutting-edge, high quality, and lasting.
So what does the future hold? Are you wondering how to revitalize your commercial space? Let’s delve into the top ten commercial construction trends reshaping the industry and adding new value.

Trending Construction
Projects for Your Commercial

Everything has changed. Workers want to stay home and old cubicle-style warehouse workspaces just won’t cut it. Business is leaving urban areas and your empty space has become a financial liability. Worse yet, without capital coming in every month, common maintenance areas are neglected, making things even tougher. If this sounds familiar, one or all of these construction projects could make the difference in preparing your space for an exciting commercial future.

Virtual Design Techniques and Visualization go

Virtual design techniques, particularly Building Information Modeling (BIM), have become increasingly prevalent in the construction industry. BIM enables stakeholders to collaborate more effectively by creating a comprehensive virtual model of the building. This allows for early identification of potential issues, streamlining the design and construction process. The adoption of BIM has surged in recent years, with construction professionals leveraging its benefits to improve workflow efficiency and reduce costs. If you’ve already got an engineer or architecture firm on your team, we can integrate seamlessly with their observations to make sure all efficiencies are handled.


Modular construction, characterized by prefabricated components manufactured off-site and assembled on-site, is poised for significant growth. This construction method offers numerous advantages, including cost savings, shorter construction timelines, and reduced waste. The healthcare, hospitality, and residential sectors are expected to benefit most from modular construction, thanks to its efficiency and flexibility.

We’re already seeing this trend take off with the usage of mass timber. This investment in sustainability seems to be paying off, too, as in many ways, mass timber can be stronger than concrete and steel combined while offering many cost savings.

Smart Cities Change the Way Commercial Construction
Companies Operate

It’s one thing to talk about the trends and something else entirely to lead them! BuildSRQ can modernize your older space to be relevant and ready for work in the 21st century and beyond. The emergence of smart cities, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure, is reshaping the construction industry. Smart cities leverage data and connectivity to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life for residents.

Think that trend is science fiction? Check out the Sarasota Smart City Initiative. Tomorrow’s construction projects are here today – so don’t get left behind.

Construction companies must adapt to these advancements by incorporating IoT devices and monitoring technologies into their projects. This shift towards smart infrastructure is driving innovation and transforming traditional construction practices. Call us to discuss how we can modernize your existing commercial space in a smart and sustainability-driven way.

Speaking of Environmentally Friendly Construction

Green building is an emerging practice for any construction company looking to prepare businesses for tomorrow’s world. New environmental issues, regulation, zoning, workforce, and customer requirements require a higher level of understanding and adherence to best-practices. 

Also, environmental sustainability has become a key focus for construction companies seeking to reduce their ecological footprint. Green building methods, such as utilizing renewable materials and implementing energy-efficient designs, are gaining traction across the industry.

Our construction methods are so precise that we save you time as well as on-site waste and cleanup. If you’re curious about how sustainability practices can improve your bottom line while creating a happy, lasting place to work, we can help.

Concrete Foundational and Structural Repair

Maintaining the integrity of commercial buildings is paramount to their longevity and safety. Concrete foundational and structural repair services address common issues such as cracks, spalling, and deterioration. By addressing these concerns promptly, property owners can prevent further damage and extend the lifespan of their structures. Professional repair services ensure that buildings remain structurally sound and compliant with safety regulations.

At BuildSRQ, we’ve got the highest level of licensing beyond any commercial construction company in their area. Your commercial property deserves the expertise that only we can provide. Don’t risk booking a general contractor that uses a subcontractor who only outsources to another subcontractor. You deserve better, and will find that here, with us.

Hurricane and Weather-Proofing

In hurricane-prone regions like Southwest Florida, protecting commercial properties from extreme weather events is essential. Hurricane and weather-proofing measures include installing impact-resistant windows and doors, reinforcing roofing systems, and implementing flood mitigation strategies. These proactive measures safeguard buildings against damage caused by high winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges, minimizing downtime and costly repairs.

Additionally, new building material options and other building technology improvements can help you save on water,AC, heat, and other energy expenses.

Employee Enjoyment and Experience

Catering to the modern workforce is a huge consideration with any new construction project. As we said, the pandemic brought about a ton of changes and new expectations, and if an employee is going to return to work, there’s a laundry list of things they’ll expect to see so that they are happier (and more productive).

Creating a conducive and enjoyable work environment is vital for attracting and retaining talent. Commercial construction companies can enhance employee experience by incorporating features such as ample natural light, ergonomic workstations, and collaborative spaces.

Investing in employee well-being and comfort fosters productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction, ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.

So whether you’ve got a retail space, education facility, family owned business, or something else, we’ve got loads of ideas that will help keep your people happy, coming through the doors, and producing for you!

What is Adaptive Reuse and Renovation

Only the best commercial builders know that adaptive reuse and renovation projects breathe new life into existing commercial structures. This practice also revitalizes communities and preserves architectural heritage. Repurposing older buildings for modern uses, such as converting warehouses into trendy office spaces or transforming vacant historic landmarks into boutique hotels, offers both economic and cultural benefits. These projects contribute to sustainable development by reducing waste and conserving resources.

If you’re a project manager at a real estate development group, give us a call. We’d be happy to work through the specific needs of your project. With over 5000 completed projects, we’ve got the knowledge and skills to make the best of any plan.

Technological Integration
in Construction

BuildSRQ may have nearly 20 years of experience, but that doesn’t mean our construction methods are written in concrete (see what we did there)?

BuildSRQ is on the cutting edge. Why? Technology integration is revolutionizing every aspect of the construction process, from customer experience to increasing your revenue and project management to on-site operations. Construction companies are leveraging advanced tools such as drones, 3D printing, and robotics to streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and enhance safety. By embracing technological innovations, firms can optimize efficiency, minimize errors, and deliver superior results to clients.

Our investment in best practices and technology comes down to you, and seeing the success of your commercial property well into the tomorrow.

Health and Wellness-Centric

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of health and wellness in commercial spaces. Designing buildings with features that prioritize occupant health, such as improved ventilation systems, touchless fixtures, and antimicrobial surfaces, has become a top priority (in addition to accessibility features run on automation). Health and wellness-centric design not only enhances safety but also promotes employee well-being and productivity.

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