Top 10 Home Remodeling Projects
for Life in Southwest FL

Ready to take on a home remodeling project in the sun-soaked paradise of Sarasota, FL? You’ve come to the right spot!

BuildSRQ believes that every home is a canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece of luxury and comfort. Join us for some inspiration as we unveil the top 10 home remodeling projects tailored to make the most of Southwest Florida living.

From coastal retreats to tropical oases, each project promises to enhance your home and enrich your lifestyle in the heart of our little slice of paradise.

Our Favorite Renovation Ideas
for Fine Homes in Sarasota
and Beyond

If you’re considering a renovation for your home, there could be several reasons why something like this is on the table. For starters, you may be interested in adding home equity (given the migration surge to South Florida) for possible resale. You may be looking at a fix-n-flip situation where the proper renovation is part of your real estate investing strategy. Or you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

Regardless of the reason, our team of expert artisans has the knowledge and experience to create the kind of transformation that adds incredible value, no matter which way you look at it. So, with that said, here are the top 10 home remodeling projects that will keep you ahead of real estate trends while making the most of your home improvement project.

Favorite Home Improvement Project #10:
Coastal Bathroom Remodel

Let’s face it, since the beginning of luxurious homes, a custom bathroom has been a hallmark of wealth, class, and comfort. The Romans celebrated the prestige and practicality of stately bathroom spaces, and we’ve created some incredible examples.

Imagine yourself in the coastal charm of Sarasota with a bathroom remodel inspired by the tranquil hues of the Gulf. Picture yourself surrounded by soothing blues and crisp whites, with touches of natural stone and driftwood accents evoking the serenity of the shoreline.

From luxurious walk-in showers to freestanding soaking tubs, indulge in the ultimate coastal retreat right in the comfort of your own home. If you haven’t come home to a custom-contoured bathtub or indulgent hot tub, you’ve been missing out. There’s no place like home… but there’s also no place like a custom home bathroom.

Favorite Home Improvement Project #9:
Tropical Kitchen Remodel

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So whether you’re a bachelor, couple, young family, or celebrating the golden years, you need a kitchen that embraces your lifestyle.

Make yourself feel like a pro with a kitchen remodel that celebrates the vibrant flavors and relaxed elegance of Southwest Florida living. Imagine cooking up a feast amidst the warmth of rich wood cabinetry, gleaming granite countertops, and pops of tropical color inspired by the lush foliage of Sarasota’s landscape.

Looking for something a bit more modern? Why not try a concrete floor plan that’s easy to clean and adds a touch of urban modernism to your interior design theme? Take things one step further and let us install custom cabinetry with glass doors and vanity lighting. Hook your smart thermostat up to your smart refrigerator and embrace the future with modern convenience.

Whatever the dream is, you deserve a kitchen that makes people say wow. We spend a lot of time there, so why not make your kitchen awesome?

Favorite Home Improvement Project #8:
Sunset-Inspired Bedroom Remodel

There’s nothing more luxurious (and necessary) than a great night’s sleep. Your bedroom needs to enhance your quality of life, but that’s not to say you can’t have some fun with functionality.

Picture this: You drift off to sleep under the gentle glow of a Sarasota sunset with a bedroom remodel designed to capture the magic of twilight. Envision soft, sandy neutrals accented by warm coral tones and golden hues, creating a tranquil oasis that invites rest and relaxation.

From plush bedding to custom lighting, let every detail whisk you away to a dreamscape where the beauty of Southwest Florida surrounds you. After all, we live in an area that most people vacation to. Why not make your bedroom a 5-star resort?

Favorite Home Improvement Project #7:
Coastal Home Office Remodel

This is a top construction project not to be overlooked. Ever since the pandemic, the future of work has been all about remote work, so why not upgrade your house with a touch of professional, custom-tailored comfort?

Find inspiration in the beauty of Sarasota’s coastal landscape with a home office remodel that blurs the line between work and relaxation. Picture yourself surrounded by panoramic views of sparkling waters and swaying palms, with natural light streaming in through expansive windows that frame the beauty of the Gulf. Don’t have a window? Let’s change that. Your home office needs a bathroom? We can handle that, too.

With every work task accomplished in your coastal retreat, a day at the office will feel more like a day of tropical therapy. With a home office infused with tropical energy, you’ll be singing about it being 5 O’Clock Somewhere in no time…

Favorite Home Improvement Project #6:
Tiki-Inspired Coffee Bar

Take your caffeine addiction to the next level with this often-overlooked touch of class. Our interior design team will harness the laid-back vibe of Sarasota’s beach bars with a tiki-inspired coffee bar that brings the spirit of island living into your home.

Imagine starting your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee (or a nightcap with a tropical-inspired mocha cocktail), served in a space adorned with bamboo accents, woven rattan furniture, and playful touches of surfboard-inspired decor. Picture a wood countertop made from reclaimed material, which adds depth and rustic timelessness. With every comforting sip, you’ll transport yourself to a sun-drenched paradise where relaxation is always on the menu.

Favorite Home Improvement Project #5:
Your Personal In-Home Theater

This little construction project isn’t so little! Another often overlooked investment, it’s one of the real estate trends that belong to those with endless means.

Is that you?

If so, experience movie magic like never before with an in-home theater that transforms your unused flex room into a cinematic oasis. Picture yourself surrounded by plush seating and state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, with a soundproof window deflecting ambient noise. With every film screened in your private theater, lose yourself in the enchantment of movie night, Sarasota style.

Favorite Home Improvement Project #4:
Tropical Backyard Entertaining Space

Real estate trends in Sarasota demand that your expansive lawn be repurposed for extraordinary entertainment.

Elevate outdoor living to new heights with a backyard entertaining space inspired by the lush beauty of Sarasota’s tropical landscape. Imagine hosting al fresco dinners under the canopy of swaying palms, with the scent of exotic flowers filling the air and the soft glow of string lights overhead. With every gathering in your backyard oasis, create memories that capture the essence of Southwest Florida living.

Favorite Home Improvement Project #3:
Tray Ceilings and Coastal Lighting

There’s so much existing construction in our area with eight-foot ceilings; it’s crazy. And with nearly all new homes being built with 12ft ceiling features, this is a crucial home improvement project that will elevate your quality of life and your home’s market appeal, too.

Bring the beauty of easy beach living indoors with tray ceilings and coastal-inspired lighting that brings your space to new heights. We can create coffered ceilings (an ancient Roman technique known as Tessalation), exposed wood beams, or even custom murals with crown molding and recessed lighting.

You’d be amazed at how this simple home improvement must create a sense of depth and dimension that makes every day feel more relaxed.

Favorite Home Improvement Project #2:
Coastal Ready Garage

Hey, in Florida, we don’t have the advantage of having a basement. And without a basement, that tried and true Northeast staple, our garage spaces often end up as a catch-all – creating a frustrating experience every time you come home.

There’s no need to park that amazing car outside or clumsily fight for golf clubs while reaching over your road bikes, which also support your standup paddleboard…

You can turn this space into a storage haven that perfectly harmonizes utility and practicality. Picture yourself surrounded by custom cabinetry and organizational solutions designed to keep your space clutter-free, with touches of coastal decor that evoke the laid-back charm of Sarasota living. Floor space at a premium? We’ve got you covered. We can transform unused wall and ceiling space into clever storage solutions to help you feel better. With every project completed in your garage retreat, you’ll also feel a sense of pride in a space that reflects your passion for everything in South Florida.

Favorite Home Improvement Project #1:
Zen Garden Retreat

We’ve talked almost exclusively about interior design – but what about that expansive lawn out back that you dare not step foot on because red ants are determined to terrorize your very existence?

Imagine layered spaces that have a sense of flow. From decks, secret gardens, backyard bocci courts, and a luxurious hot tub, there’s more than you might realize just waiting for you outside.

If seclusion is more your style, create a tranquil sanctuary in your backyard with a zen garden retreat that invites peace and serenity into your daily life. Imagine stepping into a space filled with lush greenery, tranquil water features, a fire pit, and winding pathways that lead to secluded meditation nooks where you can do yoga, write, read, and reflect on a life well-lived. With every moment spent in your zen garden retreat, find solace in the beauty of nature and the tranquility of Southwest Florida living.

Make the Most of Every Investment

When it comes to making a renovation something extraordinary, BuildSQR is there to turn that average home improvement into a work of art. Art is what lasts. An exceptional quality of life is what you deserve.

If you’re ready to enchant your friends, fall in love with every day, promote better health and well-being – all from the most valuable place you spend your precious time here, then we would love to hear from you.